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Perspectives on a Conference “The Art of War”

On my dime, I flew to Nashville, TN, from my home in Charleston, SC., to attend the 1st Sun Tsu, The Art of War conference is the western hemisphere. I am reasonably new the “The Art of War”. The basic principles are fairly straight foreward, but there’s is very deep meaning relative to human nature, […]

Stuck in a Zombie Paradigm

I’m in the passenger seat. My wife is driving. We’re on our way to second Christmas with her brother’s family. This has been the pattern for around twenty years. Yesterday I stepped into the kitchen to see if any help was needed. My mother-in-law, whom I love dearly, is 86 years old and beginning to […]

A Miracle in the eBook World

How fast can an eBook be published? Our ebook “Exploring the Practice of Antifragility” went from conception to published in about four weeks.  Here’s how that happened. For many months early in 2015 the topic of writing a book covering the practice of antifragility would come up. These occasions were around the timing of the […]

Software Methodologies

Software development methodologies remind be of salmon desperately swimming upstream only I’ve been working in Information Technology for over twenty years. In that time I’ve obtained experience in software quality assurance and testing, in business and system analysis and more importantly project management. A number of years ago I decided I needed to go to graduate […]